SPIDER-MAN Turn Off the Dark

Music and Lyrics by Bono and The Edge
Book by Julie Taymor, Glen Berger and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Choreography and Aerial Choreography by Daniel Ezralow
Additional Choreography by Chase Brock
Direction by Julie Taymor
Additional Direction by Philip Wm. McKinley


Foxwoods Theatre


“The producers of Broadway’s “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” announced on Thursday evening that they had hired a choreographer, Chase Brock, to help stage new musical numbers and script revisions during the show’s fifth and sixth months of preview performances before the scheduled opening on June 14. “We were looking for someone with theater and opera experience, but who specializes in cutting-edge contemporary dance,” the producers said in the statement. “We found everything we were looking for, and much more, with Chase.”

– The New York Times


“Given the limited amount of fix-‘er-up time, and the depths of incoherence from which this show had to rise, 2.0 is a remarkable achievement for those who have toiled for coherence and a measure of absolution in this dangerously tangled web. For all the abiding limitations, clashing sensibilities and thudding holes, it should, for the record, be noted as such. And if you were the one writing those big checks and hoping against hope that something Vegas-popular, London-duplicable, family-friendly and appealing to Gotham tourists who don’t speak a lick of English would emerge from the biggest heap of theatrical mice’s since the Astor Place Riot in 1849, you would be breathing a sigh of relief as that opening-night curtain rang down Tuesday.”

– Chicago Tribune


“Chase Brock has added plenty of interesting moves to compliment the spirit and style of the street dancing and acrobatics that have always dominated the show’s musical staging, but he has added some quieter moments – giving the staging a poetry that elevates the experience above the level of an elaborate amusement park show.”

– Michael Jay at the Theatre


“Directors Julie Taymor and Philip W. McKinley, with choreography (aerial and Earthbound) by Daniel Ezralow and Chase Brock, have given us masterful, exciting, sometimes thrilling, unforgettable entertainment.”

– Performing Arts Insider


“Many shows have deployed a brilliant stage picture, but none in my memory have created such spectacular, continuously engaging, constantly morphing, monumental visual images. The choreography, as Spider-Man swings his way from front to back or ledge to ledge, or fights above your head, is exciting, graceful and beautiful.”

– Qporit


“We’re as surprised as anyone that the folks behind have been able to transform their epically troubled musical into a satisfying piece of Broadway entertainment. What a difference a few months – and a new creative team – makes. As “Turn Off the Dark” officially left its preview phase behind and opened on Tuesday, reviews have been pouring in, and many have been positive.”

– mtv.com


“”Pow!” “Zap!” Some major edits have resulted in a decent, if not excellent, production that provides a visually stunning flying spectacle that’s absolutely worth seeing.”

– Reflections in the Light


“The following changes are welcome improvements: the Green Goblin, played by the incomparable Patrick Page, has more scenes to steal – and a new number, A Freak Like Me. Turn Off the Dark is a crowd-pleaser.”

– My Fox Ny


“The newest song, “A Freak Like Me Needs Company,” might be the best combination of plot-furthering exposition and a memorable melody in the show.”

– The Republic


“This new Spider-Man is pure Americana: the old Marvel Comics myth is revisited with humor and sophistication. With its extremely daring and imaginative staging, flawless performances, and the intensity and sincerity of the music, I am certain this show will sustain a long life on Broadway.”

– Sequenza 21