Music and Lyrics by David Yazbek
Choreography by Chase Brock


Baruch Performing Arts Center
The Chase Brock Experience


“Like flipping through an old yearbook, Junk and Lies triggers the memories of past relationships and experiences. With a terrific dramatic performance by Emily Oldak, the piece crescendos toward climax in a fast paced dancing frenzy, leaving behind unresolved tension.”

– iDANZ Newswire


“Brock then spins out Junk and Lies and Tossing and Yearning, both episodic works that present some interesting characters, situations and relationships. Now here was some depth and substance.”

– Dance Europe


“Mr. Brock favors dancing that is fast and furious; he combines a little ballet, a little modern and a lot of jazz dance. (Parallel pirouettes are his ammunition, and he is trigger-happy.)”

– The New York Times


“The show opens up with Junk and Lies. It is a technical festival of coupé jetes, penchés, turns in second – there may have even been some pointe work. Brock wants to make sure that the audience knows his dancers choose to be there. He wants us to know that his dancers are capable of anything, and they certainly accomplish this even if they are dressed in tuxedos and ball gowns, or shirtless and dancing in socks! They are well trained and they are beautiful performers, and this is well exhibited in the opening piece.”

– iDANZ Newswire