Music by Michael John LaChiusa
Choreography by Chase Brock


The Connelly Theater
The Chase Brock Experience


In “Mirror Mirror,” a uniquely spare work for Brock, the characters emerge from Michael John LaChiusa’s specially created score. The mirror reflects the realities and fantasies of two male characters who, together and apart, struggle with their sexual and emotional identities. The music for “Mirror Mirror” will be played live by pianist Jamie Schmidt.


“Mr. Brock sets the humor aside in “Mirror Mirror,” with a commissioned piano score by Michael John LaChiusa, to explore isolation and sexual identity. Connor Kilian Weigand, as Narcissus, moves with melancholic agitation in front of a mirror. (He undresses, dresses and stares at his reflection with longing. When the mirror is removed, leaving a frame in its place, Drew Heflin, as the Observer, sits on one side watching the scene. After Yukiko Kashiki, the Objet d’Amour, joins in, the dance becomes a psychological drama of repressed emotions.”

– The New York Times


“The precocious choreographer is a Broadway baby trying to break out of Broadway confines. His new work smartly draws assistance from successful veterans of that struggle. “Mirror Mirror” tackles sexual identity to a commissioned score by Michael John LaChiusa, played live by Jamie Schmidt.”

– The New Yorker


“More satisfying, perhaps because it was more intellectual and had something of a story to it, was a dance of psychological investigation called “Mirror Mirror.” This was danced to an original score by Michael John LaChiusa and played by the sensitive fingers of Jamie Schmidt on a baby grand piano. “Mirror Mirror” was beautifully danced and intriguing as it unfolded and should be the pride of the company to be revived in future programs. I hope that if the day comes that The Chase Brock Experience finds itself playing on upon the City Center stage between seasons of Alvin Ailey and Paul Taylor, that “Mirror Mirror” will be in the program. Mr. Brock has a unique voice in the New York dance scene and I hope the company blossoms and can be received in larger venues where many more people will take the opportunity to see and delight in his work.”

– Michael Jay at the Theatre