Musical Numbers Created by The Chase Brock Experience
Choreography by Chase Brock


Available Worldwide for Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move


“Chase Brock never imagined he’d choreograph a video game, much less one involving Broadway dance routines. Until last summer Mr. Brock, 27, knew very little about video games at all. “I had a Super Nintendo very briefly in the ‘90s,” he said recently. “And I had, like, five games. But major video game stuff I knew nothing about, and I’d never played a Wii.” Still, a year ago Mr. Brock was selected to choreograph a Wii game, Dance on Broadway, that has become a top seller, and members of his small troupe, The Chase Brock Experience were enlisted as models for the game’s avatars. Dance on Broadway, which was released in North America and Europe this summer, is currently the best-selling Wii game in Britain. “There’s absolutely the opportunity for it to grow as a franchise and move beyond the initial Wii version,” [Jeff] Lindsay of Longtail Studios said. Mr. Brock said the game ultimately fits into the path that he hopes to take as a choreographer. “I’m totally not ashamed to say I’m interested in speaking to a wide audience,” he said. “The populist nature of this appealed to me,” he added later. “I was thinking, wow, this might be some kid’s first exposure to dance, or first exposure to Broadway and what live theater can be. It’s not a dying art – but maybe there are new ways in.””

– The New York Times


“If you’ve ever wanted to dance on Broadway, you’re in luck: Video game company Ubisoft has created a brand-new game for the Nintendo Wii called Dance on Broadway. Like its game-sibling Just Dance, up to four players can dance along to on-screen choreography set to showtune favorites like “Fame,” Chicago‘s “All That Jazz” and Hairspray‘s “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” Other shows represented in the new game, which will be released on June 15, include Hair, Little Shop of Horrors and The Sound of Music. Click on below for a preview of Dance on Broadway!”



“The Just Dance spin-off Dance on Broadway is to become a PlayStation 3 Move game in March 2011 following its initial June 2010 debut on Nintendo Wii. The PlayStation 3 version will boast 25 tunes to dance and sing to, including favorites from the Wii game: “Time Warp,” “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” “Let the Sunshine In,” and themes from Fame and Little Shop of Horrors. There are also new selections to look forward to such as “There’s No Business Like Show Business” from Annie Get Your Gun and “Out Tonight” from Rent. With Dance on Broadway given a March 15 release date in North America (March 18 in Europe), it will be the first Just Dance game to appear on a home console other than the Wii.”

– The Independent