Directed, Edited and Initially Choreographed by Chase Brock
Original Music by Eric Dietz

Works & Process Artist (WPA) Virtual Commissions


Re-Choreographed, Performed and Filmed by Members of The Chase Brock Experience, 2006-2020:

Jane Abbott, Travante S Baker, Cameron Burke, Angela Butch, Chlöe Campbell, Kendrick D Carter, Jasmine Chiu, Brandon Cournay, Derek Crescenti, Kassandra Cruz, Dean de Luna, Emilee Dupre, Nathan Duszny, Christine Flores, Kory Geller, David Guggino, Drew Heflin, David Hochberg, Nikki Holck, Grant Howard, Ryan Jackson, Jolina Javier, Yukiko Kashiki, James Koroni, Alicia Lundgren, Skye Mattox, Joe Medeiros, Drew McOnie, Mayte Natalio, Ashley Newman, Robbie Nicholson, Courtney Ortiz, Mark Osmundsen, Honza Pelichovský, Amber Barbee Pickens, Katie Rayle, Emmy Spaar, Macy Sullivan, Caleb Teicher, JP Viernes, Connor Kilian Weigand, Micki Weiner


Works & Process Artist (WPA) Virtual Commissions

In order to financially support artists and nurture their creative processes during these challenging times, Works & Process, the performing arts series at the Guggenheim, presents Works & Process Artists (WPA) Virtual Commissions. Through the generosity of our board and donors, over $150,000 in commissioning funds were granted to artists to produce new video works while social distancing. Each under five minutes long, these virtual performances will spotlight leading creators who have participated in past Works & Process programs.


From the Artist:

I have not danced or choreographed much in the last year, but when I choreograph in my head, these are the people I see dancing. I assigned each of these 42 members of my company a single snippet of movement they themselves performed at some point in our 14-year history, which I then asked them to ‘dance, deconstruct and destroy,’ film, and send back no more than 1 minute of the result. I took those 42 minute-long clips and edited this 5-minute dance film from them, in silence. Composer Eric Dietz saw a rough cut of the first 90 seconds or so and then composed, performed and recorded “Dancing in My Head” in response. He sent me that track, and I slightly re-edited the film in response. P.S. The dancers uploaded their footage via a one-way file-sharing upload link and will not see the finished film until it premieres. P.P.S. You will never see more than one dancer on screen at a time, because, no matter how many ways I used editing tricks to fake a full company image, it didn’t feel like a truthful representation of the last year to me.