Music by Kurt Weill
Book and Lyrics by Maxwell Anderson
Choreography by Chase Brock
Directed by Gary Griffin


New York City Center Encores!


“And Patina Miller wags her hips smoothly and belts out her saucy nightclub number, “Who’ll Buy,” with a silky seductiveness. Although Anderson seems to be writing the words with a Bessie Smith lyric in one hand and a grocery list in the other (“Who’ll buy my oranges and melons?/Who’ll buy my prickly pears?”), the number has a lush sexiness that recalls Weill at his more exuberantly jazz-inflected. But rarely has a song seemed more out of place in its dramatic context. This hot, lowdown interlude seems to belong in another musical entirely, one I suspect I would rather have been watching.”

– The New York Times


“It was an audacious idea for a show when Lost in the Stars first debuted in a still-segregated America. The story might seem dated now when both South Africa and the U.S. have black presidents but director Gary Griffin, aided by Chase Brock’s understated choreography, has come up with a simple way to tell the tale that I found effective, especially in the staging of the Greek-style chorus that Anderson and Weill created to narrate and comment on the action.”

– Broadway & Me


“Excerpt for one sizzling diva number accompanied by dancing, the choreography is restricted to the large cast’s moving up and down the steps surrounding the orchestra. The staging is more oratorio with movement than old-fashioned musical. However, the emphasis on choral singing is interspersed with two fine Gershwinesque ballads by Sherry Boone’s Irina and one jazz inflected and dance punctuated sizzle number by a sultry lad in red (Patina Miller).”

– curtainup.com