by William Inge
Choreography by Chase Brock
Direction by Sam Gold


American Airlines Theatre
Roundabout Theatre Company


“Kudos to Chase Brock for choreography that immeasurably enriches one of the best scenes in the production. Every character is unique, emotionally illuminated, and aesthetically handled.”

– Woman Around Town


“But except in one dance sequence (nicely staged by Chase Brock), when Madge and Hal discover a shared rhythm, there’s not much chemistry flowing between these two.”

– The New York Times


“While there’s not always onstage steaminess between this good-looking pair, they share a lovely, graceful dance together.”

– Associated Press


“Ms. Marvel is unrecognizable physically. Normally a lovely and graceful, erect woman, she is curved and springy as Rosemary. In her wig and costume she is reminiscent of an energetic Eileen Heckart. It is her performance and her scenes with Howard that will linger. Their relationship and Rosemary’s longing are played out in a stirring dance sequence (Chase Brock, choreographer).

– Here She Is Boys


“Though embodying people ostensibly more reserved than even those masters of the art who surround them, their bursts of action are arresting – a fleet-footed hop and a quick clap of the hands help [Elizabeth] Marvel fill the theater with joy, while [Reed] Birney stops the show cold merely by walking across the stage with suitcases. When these two enter into their own drunken dance – at the same time as Madge and Hal, for the record – you experience the boiling that’s otherwise absent.”

– talkinbroadway.com


“The backyard scene is smoothly choreographed by Chase Brock, but what makes it so memorable is the non-verbal acting that lays bare everyone’s inner tumult.”

– curtainup.com