Music by Claude Bolling
Choreography by Chase Brock


Baruch Performing Arts Center
The Chase Brock Experience


“Also on the program are a few of Brock’s lighter pieces, including “Slow Float” and “Curious Episode,” a duet that teasingly fiddles with the contrasts between jazz and classical forms, echoing Claude Bolling’s playful “Baroque and Blue.””

– The New Yorker


“The program’s second piece, Curious Episode, depicts another form of life caricatured on stage. The exaggerated gestural choreography creates the sensation of flipping through a comic book. Chase Brock succeeds in choreographing a contemporary interpretation of playful patterns found in a classically stylized score.”

– iDANZ Newswire


“Brock’s first piece, Curious Episode, shoots a breath of fresh air over the audience as Assistant Artistic Director Ashley Eichbauer and company member Erica Furst frolic about the stage in a playful duo, their quirky personalities competing with their not overly forceful display of technique for a splendid “encounter.””

– Or We Are Dancers


Curious Episode is a short duet between two women that brings the music “Baroque and Blue” by Claude Bolling to life. While one instrument is going, the dancer physicalizes the sounds, and while the other instrument is going, the other dancer follows the lead. If there is a canon in the music then the two girls, Ashley Eichbauer and Erica Furst, dance in canon; if the music descends the scale, they follow the music down and dance through some very creative floor work. It is very funny, short, sweet and Ashley and Erica are charming and endearing.”

– iDANZ Newswire