Music by Marguerite Monnot
English Book and Lyrics by Julian More, David Heneker and Monty Norman
Original Book by Alexandre Breffort
Choreography by Chase Brock
Directed by John Doyle


New York City Center Encores!


“Early on, when Irma believes that she has finally balanced her professional and personal lives, she explodes into the bright dance number “Dis Donc” – Chase Brock’s choreography is appropriately celebratory and energetic, and Bowles makes the moment joyous and exhilarating.”

– NY Theatre Guide


“Chase Brock creates lively choreography for the company and, for Irma, a frisky “Dis Donc” can-can-plus dance number. The Encores! orchestra is magnifique.”

– Total Theater


“Ms. Bowles sings prettily and dances with flair, flinging her shapely legs into the air, cancan style, as if tossing a salad.”

– The New York Times


“Jennifer Bowles exudes a great deal of charm as Irma, and shows lovely loose-limbed skill as a dancer in the two numbers that give choreographer Chase Brock the opportunity to let loose his imagination (the exuberant “Dis Donc” in Act I, and the absurdly improbably “Arctic Ballet’ in Act II).”

– Upstage-Downstage


“Irma sings the jaunty “Dis-Donc” when she thinks she’s fallen into a honeypot with Oscar which leads to the first of several dances choreographed by the up and coming Chase Brock. In “Irma-la-Douce” which extols all her voluptuous virtues, the Mecs dance joyously with and around Irma. The weirdest was the “Arctic Ballet” which involves dancing penguins! John Doyle directed in a straight-forward way, never camping up the mood. Despite a lack of pizzazz in the book, he kept the energy flowing, helped by Chase Brock’s choreography.”



“Choreographer Chase Brock musters something saucy in a second act dance that [Jennifer] Bowles does with four of the cast members as bearded penguins. (Don’t ask.)”

– Huffington Post


“The director is at his best in the second act’s dreamy Arctic Ballet.”



“Still Mr. Chase Brock’s choreography is very imaginative and makes for some wonderful moments on a stage evocatively set by Mr. John Lee Beatty to be the all-encompassing Bar des Inquiets.”

– Broadway Kingdom


“[Jennifer] Bowles gets to show off her skills with some kooky dance numbers choreographed by Chase Brock.”

– Wolf Entertainment Guide