Music and Lyrics by Joe Iconis
Book by Joe Tracz
Choreography by Chase Brock
Directed by Stephen Brackett


Two River Theater


“Set in suburban New Jersey and based on a young adult novel by Ned Vizzini, the story veers into the territory of guilty pleasure teen movies as Jeremy Heere (Will Connolly), a skinny, nervous, high-voiced misfit, dreams of wooing school play star Christine Canigula (a captivating Stephanie Hsu).  His chances look hopeless until a former fellow nerd introduces him to a pill – something called a Squip – that implants a voice in his head that instructs him how to thrive at school.  Choreographer Chase Brock contributes a stylish mix of youthful and hard-hitting robotic “Squip”-driven moves.  In early scenes, everyone seems to know the steps to a secret dance except Jeremy.”

– The Star-Ledger


“Overall, the show runs the risk of being overwhelming – eye-searing lighting, loud costuming, sound effects, Chase Brock’s epic choreography (made even more badass by Gerard Canonico, moving at light-speed and dancing like a mofo) – but I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing.”

– Not Right Never Wrong Theater


“Supporting Stephen Brackett’s direction is Chase Brock’s innovative and precise choreography, which lifts the production to yet another level of accomplishment.”

– nytheater now


“The setting is filled with all the likely characters.  But Be More Chill is by no means a typical show about high school.  It’s a vibrant, inventive musical that makes the most of every moment and features an abundantly talented cast.  The show is directed by Stephen Brackett, with music and lyrics by Joe Iconis and choreography by Chase Brock.  This powerhouse team has done an outstanding job of debuting Be More Chill for metropolitan area audiences.  It’s no wonder that audiences love it.”