Music by Joshua Rosenblum
Choreography by Chase Brock


Joyce SoHo
The Chase Brock Experience 


““Mission: Implausible,” set to a witty score (also a commission) by Joshua Rosenblum, suddenly displays Mr. Brock’s talent for stylized showbiz mayhem.”

– The New York Times


““Mission: Implausible” takes three couples in black and white outfits through a cavalcade of movie references – a speeding locomotive that nearly decapitates the maiden tied to the tracks; a jungle safari; a posh gallery opening; a triple tango – all matched step for note with Joshua Rosenblum’s score for winds, “Cut to the Chase.” The dance would be a shoo-in for a hypothetical musical comedy.”

– Gay City News


“If Brock could fill a musical with the best parts of Mission: Implausible, he’d certainly have Broadway’s attention.”

– Dance Europe


“The audience watched as Brock’s diverse troupe performed high-octane routines, starting the night off with “Mission: Implausible.” The piece, set to Joshua Rosenblum’s suspenseful composition, lived up to the “experience” promised by CBE’s moniker. From this first number, the troupe members’ dance backgrounds were as diverse as their ethnic backgrounds. From the lanky ballerina-turned-rebel to the petite female dancer with an impish grin and heaps of enthusiasm, Brock’s company wowed the audience. CBE’s combination of toe-tapping beats, Broadway-bedazzled quirkiness, and technical prowess left its Wilmington audience breathless with wonder.”

– The Seahawk


“Opening the program is Mission: Implausible, a cartoonish dance in which the dancers’ comical characters appear in various scenarios juxtaposed to one another. Clearly, Chase Brock requires not only technical virtuosity from his dancers, but an essential acting ability as well.”

– iDANZ Newswire